“Artmu♪therapy” Shares a proven program that works to help people overcome grief, bereavement, and loss, along with any other obstacles or challenges. It guides them to experience victory in every area of their life. “How many times have you heard, be strong, suck it up, move on, you’re better off and don’t cry, you will love again. It is only material things. Well, God needed them more, or it was God’s will for this or that to happen.” To the point, you want to scream from the top of your lungs. “Hey! Seriously! Can’t you see my heart is bursting with pain?” And truly, every word you are hearing sounds like you are in the classroom of Charlie Brown, Waa, Waa, Waa…. Guess what; you have just entered the grief zone; you are grieving… and it is never God’s will for you to suffer and be in pain. Jesus came that you might have life more abundantly. Prepare to experience the life God has planned for you to live!

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Grieve God’s Way Step By Step Guide.  It is designed to help pastors, lay ministers, hospitals, doctors office, and other corporate organizations to set up a bereavement department or programs within their local church or business to effectively help those who grieve.

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Songs, Quotes, Poems and Short Stories. What’s in a word? Do you know? Take a look, how deep will you go? Words, what do they mean? Words inspire, Set the soul on fire. Make you laugh, cry, smile, and can fill the heart’s desire. But what matters most, is that Words speak…

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Keeping It Real When Infidelity Strikes is Dr. Christine Rice-Slocumb’s painful, true-life tale of a cheating spouse. It offers hope and inspiration to anyone who has experienced the heartbreak of infidelity — whether in marriage or any intimate relationship.

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I’ll Fly Away…: Funeral Inspirations. With social media so easy to access and taking a front center stage, we as human beings have become so far removed from the personal touch of helping others. This book is inspirational, inspiring and encouraging for anyone who has had a loved one die. Every hospital, funeral home, civic organization, religious institution and the church should have one within their reach. To live is to die, to die is to live…

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