dr christine rice slocumb

Dr. Christine Rice Slocumb, Author

Professional Skills Profile
Author, grief certified coordinator, counselor, an ordained pastor and chaplain with over 15 years of experience managing and supporting bereavement programs and overseeing grief support groups for hospitals, assisted living, hospice facilities, schools, and colleges. Expert in crisis intervention, public speaking, and the death and dying process. Proven ability to meet the needs of patients /families and staff members with quality care. Knowledge of the Juvenile Justice System, at risk Youth.

Areas of Proficiency

• Pastoral Care / Case Management
• Author / Writer / Speaker
• Facilitator Public and Media Relations
• Assessments Community Network
• Youth Development / Conflict Resolution
• Death & Dying / Missions / Mentorship

Employment History

PINE POINTE HOSPICE & PALLIATIVE CARE, Macon, Ga. – 15-bed inpatient 5.5 million-dollar hospice facility designed to emphasize both patient and family care.
Bereavement Coordinator and Chaplain, 8/2009 – 9/ 2013
Responsible for all the bereavement services and programs within the department and geographic area. The primary focus was to respond and provide direct spiritual emotional and psychosocial need of patient, family, and staff.

MEDICAL CENTER NAVICENT HEALTH, Macon, Ga. – 637-bed level one trauma, teaching and children’s hospital.
Chaplain 1/2008 -9/2013
Worked with a diverse population providing emergency intervention for trauma & code blue victims and their families. Served as a liaison and support to community chaplains, spiritual counselors, and pastors. Participated in a foreign mission to aid countries and families with medical, dental, spiritual care and supplies. Adheres to the code of ethics of the Association of Professional Chaplains. Assisted in planning annual memorial services to meet the need of families, personnel and community clergy. Documented clinical records of spiritual care services and related activities of the patient.

STUBBS CHAPEL CHURCH Ga. Church promoting spiritual excellence
Associate Pastor, Stubbs Chapel Church, Macon, Ga. 6/2003-9/2013

Prepare and deliver sermons and other inspirational messages. Visit families in hospitals, homes, and prisons to provide them with comfort and support. Instruct people who seek conversion to Christian faith. Support the Senior Pastor in the overall vision casting and leadership of the church’s teaching and weekend service planning, design, and execution. Pray and promote spirituality. Established a church Drama Department. Served as Praise & Worship Leader / Choir Director and Youth Vacation Bible School Teacher.

Professional Experience

• Conduct / participate in memorial services for patients, employees, and families.
• Developed and launched a proven grief support program “Artmu♪therapy” that changed the lives of families and individuals. Program maintained an average of 10 participants on a weekly basis.
• Visited inpatient units daily and conducted home visits, prioritizing patients deemed a high risk.
• Attended IDT for review/update, and overall coordination of the plan of care for spiritual needs.
• Provided Assessments of the patients and families and created a bereavement plan of care.
• Follow-up home visits, phone calls, and mail-outs.
• Wrote weekly grief guides and brochures that enhanced the overall bereavement department.
• Supervised ongoing grief support groups and programs in-house and in the local community.
• Understanding of HIPPA laws and regulations and procedures.
• Educate and inform the public about the effects of grief, bereavement, death & loss.
• Provided individual and group activities.
• Assisted Children’s Hospital with summer camp.
• Offered programs to patients and families to help better serve them while going through their crisis.
• Served as call chaplain for hospital emergencies.
• Ability to maintain a high standard of ethical behavior, professionalism, and confidentiality.
• Knowledge of preparing court cases and the operations of Municipal and Superior judicial systems.
• Counseled and mentored women who suffered domestic violence.
• Facilitate positive family interactions and encourage mutual understanding.
• Prepared and administered sermons on a rotating basis.
• Assisted Primary Pastor as needed to meet the needs of congregation members.
• Organized a church drama department to promote spiritual growth and education.
• Research and identify programs which enhance the quality of life for patients, families, and caregivers.
• Community outreach to families in hospital, homes, and prisons to provide them with emotional and spiritual support.
• Developed musical recordings for studio and radio.
• Served as Radio Announcer with WBML Radio

Publication Title: Corporate World Meets Jesus: July 23, 2018
Growing your business with Christ in the center: Publication description: What would it look like for you to have a booming business, happy, productive employees? Dare to believe it can happen? This book gives insight on how to make it possible. “People have a desire to be wanted, needed and accomplished. If a corporation can tap into the heart’s core desire of their employees and keep Jesus in the center of it all, the results would deliver an unshakable partnership combination.”

Publication Title: I’ll Fly Away: Publication date: Nov 8, 2016
Publication description: With social media so easy to access and take a front center stage, we as human beings have become so far removed from the personal touch of helping others. This book is inspirational, inspiring and encouraging for anyone who has had a loved one die. Every hospital, funeral home, civic organization, religious institution and the church should have one within their reach. To live is to die, to die is to live…

Publication Title: Words That Speak: Publication date: Oct 6, 2016 Publication description: Songs, Quotes, Poems, and Short Stories. What’s in a word? Do you know? Take a look, how deep will you go? Words, what do they mean? Words inspire, Set the soul on fire. Make you laugh, cry, smile, and can fill the heart’s desire. But what matters most, is that Words speak…

Publication Title: Artmu♪therapy: Publication date: Aug 16, 2016: Publication description: “Artmu♪therapy” shares a proven program that works to help you overcome grief, bereavement, and loss, along with any other obstacles or challenges. It guides you to experience victory in every area of your life.

Publication Title: Grieve God’s Way: Publication date: Jun 17, 2016: Publication description: Grieve God’s Way is designed to help pastors, lay ministers, hospitals, doctors office, and other corporate organizations to set up a bereavement department or programs within their local church or business to efficiently help those who grieve.

Publication Title: Keeping It Real When Infidelity Strikes: Publication date: Jan 23, 2014: Publication description: Keeping It Real: When Infidelity Strikes is more than just about a cheating spouse. It offers hope and inspiration to anyone who has experienced the heartbreak of infidelity — whether in marriage or any other intimate relationship. It encourages you to love yourself and rise above all obstacles.