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With social media and television commercials filled with alluring subliminal suggestions, you can quickly be caught up in a web of doubt, and unbelief of who you are and who you were created to be. Often social media can cause unnecessary stress in your life.
I remember when social media first begin I saw at that moment the good and the bad that it would contribute. How many times have you gone out to eat or to an event and noticed that everyone is on their cell phone and not talking with each other? So what are these captivating vulnerabilities that keep a person’s eyes and mind deep in social media? Humans have a need to belong and a high desire for social status. Think about it? Most things on social media focus on self. Me, myself and I, yes this is my family, my boyfriend, my husband. Look at me, let’s take a “selfish” of me and post it on the web. Nope, that is not a typo, I meant to say selfish. Okay now, don’t take offense I do have a point here. I wrote a poem about it titled “Internet Junkies” in my book titled “Corporate World Meets Jesus.” Yeah, I threw ME in there, Lol.
In Hindsight The World Wide Web is positive impressively used for good things to name a few; Business support, saving money tips, Christian groups, banking, investments, counseling and grief support. Perhaps you see the use of social media at the top of your list. Just make sure you use it in moderation.
baby on computerLook at a child that is 15 month of age. They are already hooked on social media. The colorful, fast action games and videos they can watch pulls them in, and they will cry and get upset if you take it away. Here are some things to consider while on social media.
1. Be very careful too much social media can cause friction in your relationships and perhaps even bring it to an end.
2. Lies and deception take place on social media. It’s a place where you can be anybody you want to be, hey no one knows the truth but you and the people that live with and around you right? Wrong God knows and sees all.
3. Social media can be addictive like a drug be mindful of internet time.
4. The bible tells us we will give an account for every idle word. So as the internet user we must be aware of our text and posting. Rise above social media ‘pettiness.’
5. Monitor internet activity of your youth. There are teen/adult predators online sending enticing messages as if they are modeling companies.
6. Gambling is addictive the internet has games set up which entice many people to gamble.
Here are a few things you can cultivate into your daily activities. Social media detox your mind, body, and soul. Our eyes see, and ears hear everything that goes on in the world right or the wrong. Begin to process what you are taken in and ask yourself is it healthy. Put boundaries on your social media usage. When at home and around family and friends unless there is an emergency run from the internet!
Go back to the basis for a while. Play board games, ride bicycles, go walking or hiking. Find quality time within yourself that will enhance your life and others.
Take time to breathe, pause and smell the sweet fragrance of everything God has created. With eyes glued to the web, it often takes away from what is essential. Finally, If you found yourself anxious and stressed and pulled in to conversations that may or may not be a blessing. Be empowered, pull away from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google. Whatever your social media fix may be, put it aside though it may be hard, go on a vacation and live!

Dr. Christine Rice Slocumb

Dr. Christine Rice Slocumb is a speaker, author, grief coordinator consultant and chaplain. Her specialty in establishing grief support programs locally and internationally for churches and other organizations have transformed the lives of patients, families, friends and clients who need crisis interventions or stress relief from everyday life issues. Dr. Slocumb holds a Doctorate of Ministry, Masters of Divinity, and is certified as a Grief Specialist.

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  1. Shanell says:

    Good advice! Get off that selfish! Lol. That’s exactly what I have done as well as delete social media from my phone and go to the actual website if I want to post. Less convenient for me equals less used. Thanks for the tips.

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