Meet The Author

drchristinericeslocumb.comHi, I am Dr. Christine Rice Slocumb. But you can call me Christine. Thanks so much for your visit. Just a little bit more about me from a personal standpoint so you may get to know me better. The man standing beside me is my husband Ron. He is truly God sent. I am sharing this information because I talk with a lot of women who tell me they are looking for a husband or they tell me there are no good men. So, you ladies out there who may be looking for a mate. Look no further. The Bible says he who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord.
Meaning, Let your husbandman find you. Be patient, position yourself and wait for the Lord. To the ladies who tell me there are no good men. Don't let the enemy put those thoughts in your mind. I am a living witness that God did not stop creating good men. Keep an open heart and don't let past hurts cause you to miss the person God wants to send your way. We have 3 children and five grandchildren. Together God uses us to minister to people everywhere we go in a unique way. We never meet a stranger and believe when you begin to see people, places, and things through the eyes of Jesus... You will begin to see something beautiful and different. We love sharing the gospel of Jesus and seeing people walk in freedom. Always remember, the next second of your life is not promised. Enjoy the people God has placed around you.
Be willing to step out of your boat and walk on the water to something greater. As you visit this site may YOU find what YOU need to enjoy life's journey in the here and now! with all expectations of a hope and a future. Always remember Jesus loves YOU.