“To all the men out there I encourage you to buy the book today. (Keeping It Real When Infidelity Strikes) It’s a quick read but can have a lasting impact.“ – Frank shines, Author, Consultant, Air Force Veteran.

” Wow! Your Book ‘keeping It Real when Infidelity Strikes’ is excellent and inspiring. I could not stop reading. I saw myself in your pain and in your deliverance.“ – Betty Toussaint

“I believe this book to be relevant not only to those who are married but also for those who are in any type of relationship. ‘Keeping It Real When Infidelity Strikes. It’s real, it’s pure and it’s liberating.” Minister Julie Dumas 

“Colors all bright and beautiful that is what I saw while going through the classes. The grief in my soul exploded and left me alive. Before classes I was contemplating suicide, even during classes thought would come. I found joy like never before which left me alive.“ – Carol S.

Wendie editorKeeping it real when infidelity strikes! Takes a no-holds-barred approach to this sensitive topic and speaks from a heart which has been broken… offers encouragement to take action when warranted …includes poetry to inspired and prayers to heal… this book offers common-sense advice and sincere, prayerful support.“ – Windie Brannen, Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Editor

“Eight ladies in a room most can’t talk because of lumps in their throats. Why are we here to grieve? It’s not easy but with kind words spoken and encouragement, we begin to share our painful stories. I felt a heavy load being lifted off my heavy heart.“ – Isabelle R.

“I will Smile Again! My sessions have been such an experience. No words can explain the peace, joy, and love I feel. First I cried and could not talk. But every Tuesday I cried less and talked more. I found myself knowing I could move forward without regrets and I will smile again.“ – Sarah H.