To Know Jesus Is To Love Him

image showing bibleAs we look at the world today, it is pronounced that most people do not know the Lord, let alone love Him. But there is an uprising in the Land where God is calling those people out who appear to be hidden from view. Ordinary people are rising to do extraordinary things. Could this be you? Yes, You!! Hidden in the physical world, but not from the spiritual world. Chosen tucked away in the presence of the Holy Spirit. Being trained, filled and equipped for such a time that as now! And such a time which is coming. You who are sold out, and so in love with Jesus. Is that you? Father God has always found a remnant- a faithful few who love Him enough to stand against a world system and fleshly desires. Those who make a significant impact on the earth for the Kingdom of God! Who will speak and call out dry bones, and the bare bones come alive. Yes, who heal the sick and raise the dead. Who walk on water in the spirit realm, and calm the oceans in the physical. Could this be you? Tucked away for such a time as this?

Dr. Christine Rice Slocumb

Dr. Christine Rice Slocumb is an American author and the Co-founder of “Artmu♪therapy” a proven support program that works to help people overcome grief, mourning, and loss, along with any other obstacles or challenges.

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